Senior Year!!


you're a senior!

Thanks for coming to hang out! THIS IS such a big deal.  To me. You're about to graduate! And the fact your're here,  checking out my page...means the world. I freakin love senior shoots. Check out the galleries, learn about me, and when you're ready, get in contact! Can't wait to hear from you! 


It's me. I thought maybe three photos was overkill...but that's what they gave me to work with and I went with it. 

I'm Rachel. My favorite thing...ok, I have a lot of favorite things. But some of my favorite things, are getting to know people and doing what I do in helping them fix a problem. I'm also...pretty good at taking photos. I'm just gonna tuck that humility away for a moment. I LOVE it.

So you have a problem. You need senior photos. I take photos. And...I'd love to get to know you. 

behind the camera